MOR: the ace up your sleeve for internationalizing your ecommerce

Regulatory compliance, payment management, and international transaction security. The role of the Merchant of Records in expanding your ecommerce globally.

MOR: l’asso nella manica per internazionalizzare il tuo ecommerce
Merchant of Records

Payments, invoicing, compliance

Who is the MoR

Within an internationalization process, managing transactions in the realm of digital commerce presents a complex challenge characterized by the need to coordinate intricate networks of financial processes, compliance with legal obligations, and adherence to regulatory requirements. Proper administration of these elements is crucial as they directly impact customer experience, brand reputation, and financial performance. Given the relentless growth of ecommerce in recent years, many businesses are turning to specialized companies for managing the intricate phases related to digital payment processing. These entities are commonly identified as Merchants of Records and operate within the realm of international commercial transactions and financial transaction management. The term refers to an entity that acts as an intermediary in the distribution chain of goods or services, assuming all administrative and accounting procedures, thus relieving the partner of a significant portion of responsibility and ensuring security. In this sense, the Merchant of Records plays a key role in ensuring regulatory and tax compliance, enabling smooth execution of commercial transactions on a global scale.

Sales and payments

In the sales phase, the Merchant of Records serves as an essential partner, facilitating the marketing process between the provider of goods or services and the end consumer, especially within a global context. Its expertise in defining and managing transaction details, such as payment terms and online transaction security, not only streamlines the process but also consolidates a connection between the involved parties. In the collection phase, the MoR manages payment processing, ensuring it occurs securely and in compliance with current regulations. Additionally, it handles financial risk management, for example, by preventing fraud and managing any payment-related disputes. It is crucial to identify an MoR capable of facilitating collection through services like the use of widely accepted payment systems, necessarily in multiple currencies, such as credit cards, Paypal, ApplePay, and Scalapay. Its expertise in financial transaction management ensures that collection occurs transparently, securely, and in compliance with industry standards. Its presence, therefore, represents a strategic choice to optimize the entire cycle of commercial transactions in an international context.


The MoR emerges as a key figure in the context of invoicing management, offering numerous strategic and practical advantages for anyone wishing to streamline the invoicing process. Firstly, the presence of a MoR significantly simplifies the complex invoicing process, ensuring the correct and timely issuance of invoices related to commercial transactions. This not only reduces operational burden but also ensures greater accuracy and compliance with prevailing tax regulations, mitigating the risk of errors that could arise from internal management. Additionally, the MoR takes responsibility for collecting payments related to issued invoices, optimizing the company's cash flow, and sometimes sending a type of invoicing with monthly adjustments of balances between collections and the value of goods sold, thus obtaining a clearer idea of the economic situation. Its experience in financial management enables rapid payment processing, minimizing waiting times and improving overall liquidity. Adopting the Merchant of Records in invoicing management emerges as a strategic and cost-effective choice, through optimization of financial flow and operational simplification.

Regulatory and tax compliance

Avere un’infrastruttura globale significa essere in grado di gestire transazioni complesse, fatturazione, la riscossione delle imposte e le normative in continuo cambiamento. Il MoR possiede una competenza approfondita e dinamica nelle normative fiscali e nei sistemi di pagamento internazionali in costante evoluzione, il che Having a global infrastructure means being able to manage complex transactions, invoicing, tax collection, and continuously changing regulations. The Merchant of Records possesses deep and dynamic expertise in tax regulations and constantly evolving international payment systems, ensuring that the company avoids significant penalties that could have serious impacts on profitability. Collaboration with an MoR thus becomes a key strategy for optimally managing the complex and evolving aspects of tax compliance on an international scale, preserving the company's economic stability. Additionally, it is necessary to adhere to standards and ensure consumer and data protection as the company must comply with various laws and regulations subject to continuous and unforeseen changes. This implies the need to maintain a specialized team of experts with adequate skills and experience to ensure global compliance. Collaborating with an MoR, therefore, becomes a strategic solution as it allows delegating these responsibilities to a specialized entity, reducing associated costs, and mitigating the risk of non-compliance.