Performance Boost

Increase the performance of your online store



Your online store offers optimal CX. Your customer base is satisfied with the service and product, but sales are currently performing below expectations and you are seeking to reach the volumes necessary to achieve your goals.

Business needs

Your needs
Performance increase

You need to find ways to increase the sales of your online store and improve performance

Investment management

Investments in advertising and digital marketing to attract users and increase the conversion rate


You need an adequate sales infrastructure that supports your growth without overloading your current system

The solution

New countries and channels

One option could be to expand your online store's market into other countries, taking care to build the necessary skills and processes to handle direct sales internationally. You could also consider expanding your business through multiple marketplace channels like Amazon, eBay or Manomano to quickly reach a wider audience, taking into account the needs of managing translations, pricing and technical integrations across all the platforms. If you have a good customer base, it is essential to implement the necessary mechanisms to enhance their value, build lasting relationships and increase engagement

The best solution

Every project is unique and presents unique challenges and opportunities. Our task is to work with you to find the path to achieving your goals. With our network of specialized and established partners, we can help improve the performance of your online store: from analyzing problems and opportunities to improving the checkout process and delivering continuous services like marketing automation, digital advertising, SEO/SEA

Digital caring

T-Data directly offers an effective and proven conversational marketing service as an upgrade to its customer care service, where the customer is engaged during the purchase process through information, promotion, and coupon release to promote upselling and cross-selling


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