eCommerce Insourcing

Bringing eCommerce and the control of your brand's digital and CX strategy back in-house



Many major brands with a consolidated online presence who have entrusted their eCommerce to a full-service provider or an e-tailer are considering bringing eCommerce back in-house by investing in technology and processes and hiring conversation managers, digital marketing professionals, and eCommerce experts. This way, they can fully control their online presence and how their customers perceive it.

Business needs

Your needs
business needs
Relationship with consumers

The primary goal is to achieve a customer experience in line with your brand.

Management support

Supporting high order volumes while maintaining acceptable business costs


Communicating with customers in different languages on their favourite channels and fulfilling tax and legal obligations for D2C sales.

The solution

T-Data and the hybrid service

Not all eCommerce service providers can offer a hybrid service. Many operators have a strong connection with digital advertising and marketing. That’s why they tend to promote mainly the full-service model.

full service insourcing project

T-Data is different. We focus on customer care and logistics and serve as a merchant of record. That’s why we’re the ideal partner for a full-service insourcing project.

The ideal partner

Thanks to our experience in technological integration and infrastructures that can manage high volumes, we can help your brand seize eCommerce opportunities, providing the infrastructural foundations to build a direct relationship with your customers.

better business

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