Plugin Woocommerce – T-Data payment gateway


T-Data payment gateway allows you to connect your shop to the Ecommerce service offered by T-data.Our gateway does not only deal with payment, but is the entry point of the order for our all-inclusive service which includes billing, payment, logistics, shipping, customer care and returns management.
Main features of the plugin in the context of the T-data service:* The plugin is displayed in the checkout as a normal payment method* The user is redirected to the T-Data payment page* The user chooses the preferred payment provider on the T-Data payment page (Paypal, CreditCard, etc)* The store is notified about the successful completion of the payment authorization.* The order is processed by t-data logistics and sent to the user by t-data. At this time, the capture of the authorized amount will take place.* T-Data provide for billing, payment of taxes also abroad, management of returns and customer care.* The store is informed of the progress of orders and stock level in the warehouse

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You can run your tests through the following tokens and test endpoints.
Once the service is activated, you will receive your test and production Tokens and Endpoints, necessary to activate the integration.

Public “Test token”, usable for tests: 1rxUNmQFgOTh3QJrURxsq8sDan6Q55dw
Public “Test Endpont”, usable for testing:
In the test environment, the following “dummy” payment data can be used
CreditCard: 4349942499990906 expiration: 04/2023 CVV: 034
Paypal: EMAIL: PSS: provaprova